How to make a mostly white interior work for you

Coming into summer the all-white interior seems a beautiful way to decorate and keep the coastal, fresh look all year round. All white interiors can be modern, beachy, cool and chic, done well they can be a refreshing and lovely addition to a home’s decor.

Done wrong and they can come off cold and sterile.

By following a few tips to creating a gorgeous ‘mostly’ white interior you can create an interior you will be proud of for years to come.

The key is to remember that your home needs to reflect your personality, so add some personal touches to the room, adding a few grouped items in a similar colour to a fireplace, or a few black and white prints can be a nice touch, adding a little something of yourself to each room.

Neutral Colours

Adding texture to a mostly white room can help keep the room warm and inviting, giving the room a more natural look. Keeping any throw rugs or cushions a neutral colour can help, textured rugs and cushions can all help give the room some life while still keeping it natural looking.

Instead of keeping soft furnishings all white, shades of white can work best when trying to keep the room looking homely and avoid it looking too commercial. Creams, off whites and natural unbleached fabrics can add texture and a hint of colour to your white room. Try keeping accessories in these off white tones also to keep the look consistent.

white interior / room decorating idea


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A touch of contrast

Contrast by adding a little black or grey can work and add a bit of sophistication to a white room. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, black and white prints or photos in plain black frames, or a few key black or grey pieces, a rug, or throw rug or cushions can all add to the appeal.

Black & White Cushions in White Living Room Design


Oslow Throw in Grey

Oslo Throw Grey

Maze Cushion in Grey

Maze Cushion Grey

If you are doing an all-white kitchen, dining, bedroom or lounge the same principles can be followed to make an impact. Products we love are right through the WAM website, have a look at a few favourites below.

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At the moment metallic finishes are very popular and a lovely way to add a touch of glamour to any room. In an all-white room the metallic accent can really ‘pop’ and add that special touch. While not adding too many pieces is the key to keeping the look classically beautiful, one large piece in place of a few smaller pieces can work well too.

Visit the WAM Home Décor website for more inspiration and products to add to your white room –

The WAM Team

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