How to update your home decor quickly and easily

Here are the quick tips on how to update your home decor quickly and easily. We all want to know, we are all busy and sometimes you just need a quick pick me up for a room.

Soft Checks Cushion WAM Home Decor


Clear all the clutter away, store it in storage boxes if you don’t use it, or if it’s an item that’s just been collecting dust for years. Start with a clean canvas.

Layering rugs can add colour and texture to a room, use or swap rugs from another room if you have them, or purchase new to add a little touch of luxury to the bedroom. If you already have carpet, adding a rug can create an entirely new look for the room.

Bedding; strip and change the bedding. Fresh crisp white sheets can really make a room feel like a luxury hotel in an instant. Mix and match quilt covers, cushions and pillow cases, coordinate the colours, but don’t be afraid to mix and match and try something new. Adding the crisp white sheet set will give you a good base to use any colour quilt cover, and great quality Egyptian cotton sheets are a beautiful treat at the end of the day.

Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set White

Egyptian Sheet Sets White

Add some texture to the room by layering and using different sizes with the pillows and cushions and you will create a gorgeous room you will want to spend time in. Place some treasured items in groups on a clear shelf or table top to add character to the room.

Living Room

The living room can be a really fun place to update your home decor, again, start by clearing out all the clutter and give the area a good clean, freshening up the room first can be a great way to get some inspiration too. Pack away all the home decor items that you haven’t looked at in a while, or again are just collecting dust and change it up a little.

Move the furniture into a new position, move furniture away from the walls to create an intimate room setting, or change the view by moving furniture to face a window instead of the TV.

As in the bedroom the mood of the room can be changed easily by adding a rug, or adding a rug to a carpeted area. The mood and look in your living area can be changed by adding groups of home decor items or changing them around from the norm to create interest.

Adding and changing cushions and throws in a colour that works with your existing home decor will save time and money not having to paint or replace furniture to get a new look. Choose a colour that coordinates well, or have some fun and play with a colour or theme you normally wouldn’t, the choice is yours.

home decor bed room and living room

Diamond Gate Cushions

In winter, layering cushions with texture and throw rugs over the couch can help make the room feel cosy. Fluffy throw rugs and different sized cushions added to a lounge can make you want to curl up with a good book and stay there. The home decor can really change the mood of a room quite quickly.

Summer decor has much the same theory, although the types of fabrics used in soft furnishings such as cushions and throw rugs works beautifully with cottons and linen look fabrics. Keep throw rugs light and casually draped over furniture to add some colour to the home decor.

Stripe Throw Astrid decor

Astrid Stripe Throw


During the year we have so many occasions to use the outdoor area that most of us have, and decor wise this is an important part of a home. Large or small it is part of the home we all cherish, keeping cushions nearby for some extra comfort and adding some colour to the great outdoors can really add some life to the party and keep guests wanting to stay for more.

Update any old outdoor chair pads and cushions with purposely treated UV Outdoor Printed cushions in bright bold colours and you will want to spend more and more time lazing around the table with friends and family.

OutdoorPrinted Cushion Group


Mix and match here with chair pads and outdoor cushions, have some fun with prints and plains. Keeping one colour or pattern consistent through your mix and match cushions can really help tie the look together.


Outdoor cushions can also be used inside. Bright exotic prints can really add character to the decor or a home and the outdoor entertaining area.

Have fun with it!

Let us know what you do to update your home decor quickly and easily…

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