Mixing and Matching – Pattern, Print and Plain Cushions

Have you ever wondered just how all the gorgeous homes of the world seem to have a living room filled with gorgeous cushions that make you want to sit and enjoy endless cups of tea, when yours just seem to look like they are taking up room on the couch? The key is to get the mixing and matching right, using pattern, print, and plain cushions in your rooms.


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Firstly, having plump, great quality cushions is the way to making sure your new additions have the desired effect in your living area, so if your cushions have seen better times, it’s time to update.

Mixing cushions in patterns, prints or plains can achieve some beautiful looks, all cushions need to complement each other, this is usually having a similar colour in each cushion, if one cushion is bold, then the others should be a little more subtle and not so busy. Keeping solid colour plains or a neutral colour in between the patterns can keep the look more formal, and less scattered.


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When using patterned and printed cushions, there are a few looks you can go for, a little more formal or ‘matchy-matchy’ or keep the cushions complimenting each other, but use all a lot of different patterns and coordinating plains to create a totally unique look!

Adding texture to your home décor can help make your lounge room feel cosy, something to consider when adding new cushions to your living room décor.

With every living room, it is important to make sure you love the look and it makes you feel welcome.

Try a few of these cushion combinations from WAM Home Décor and don’t forget the same goes for the bedroom, using these tips for a bedroom can change the look of your bedroom décor too in just a few clicks at www.wamhomedecor.com.au

A little shade of grey….


Bubbles Cushion Grey


Levant Cushion


Atmosphere Charcoal Grey

Add a bit of sunshine…


Riviera Cushion in gold


Ferns Cushion


Atmosphere Cushion in Linen

Whatever colour you choose to use as your common feature, remember to have some fun with it, add different size cushions in coordinating colours and patterns and don’t forget texture can really change the look of a group of cushions. Visit WAM Home Décor for more inspiration.

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