Marsala – Pantones Colour of the year and how you can use it for inspiration

Pantones ‘Marsala’ has been named as colour of the year 2015. A wine red colour, Marsala has been a controversial choice according to some. With our personal home decor of course most of us like a little bit of individuality, while keeping along the lines of current trends and looks and seasonal colours.

pantone red architects corner

Shades of pink and red are great to introduce a splash of wine coloured inspiration to your home decor, without following Pantones lead to closely.

Changing the look of a room can really be done by removing some colours and adding new ones, red can be a gorgeous colour and a great way to add some warmth to a room. Try these products if the Marsala trend has inspired you to add a little red to your life at home.

PixelCushion - Magenta

Pixel Cushion in Magenta

Bubbles Cushion Red WAM

Bubbles Cushion in Red

Disc Felt Cushion Red pantone

Disc Felt Cushion in Red

pantones colour Petals Throw Red

Petals Throw in Red

Ribbed Deluxe Faux Fur Throw Berry Red

Ribbed Deluxe Faux Fur Throw in Berry Red

pantone cushions room

Image originally from

Little touches of red in the cushions and throw in this room are a cute touch to this white room. Gorgeous rug added and you have a quick simple update the decor in this lounge. These changes could also be done in a rental, and taken with you when you move on. Simple and cute, little touch of red is the way to go.

red cushion on gray couch

So simple – seasonal addition of a little red with a few cushions to a plain couch, instant boost to this lounges decor!

pantone red architects corner

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Red sophistication. Added in the furniture and the cushions, the red is gorgeous in this intimate setting.

Adding a dash of red or a deep shade of pink can add the intimacy of your room’s decor, red can add a little sophistication to a room, or be a bright pop of colour depending on your room type. A little red can go a long way in your home decor, used sparingly with cushions and a throw, the colour can be quite beautiful.

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