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kitchen decor Ceres blue placemats

Kitchen decor is not the thing that comes to mind sometimes when life is busy but….ever had guests coming over, and you quickly have to run through the house and do a quick tidy? When you get to the kitchen in your stained apron, and your tea towels are ummm …less than fresh do you:

  • Quickly hide them in the cupboard under the sink
  • Quickly find the freshest ones from the bottom of the drawer
  • Apologize about your well used tea towels and assure them they are clean
  • Get onto and order some new kitchen textiles pronto!

Whichever you choose, head over to WAM Home Decor and have a look at the range of bright and colourful kitchen decor items.

With a huge range of gorgeous napery – placemats and tablecloths, tea towels and aprons you will never have to run and hide the tea towels or take off your gorgeous new apron before visitors again!

Tea Towels in super bold stripes in a wide array of colours are available, sourced from Egypt and made of 100% genuine Egyptian cotton you will want to hang them up to add a bit of colour to your kitchen. Choose a new fashionable colour or go with a neutral. Packs of three with different arrangements of stripes and patterns you can replace all the old tea towels in one quick shop!


Here’s a few of our favs…


Baxter Egyptian Cotton Tea Towel 3 Piece Set


Austin Egyptian Cotton Tea Towel 3 Piece Set


Baxter Egyptian Cotton Tea Towels 3 Piece Set

For those who wear an apron around the kitchen, we know they can be a ‘go to item’ the minute you step in from work ….straight from the front door to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Pop on an apron you love from WAM Home Decor, 100% cotton with large pocket up front the Twiggy Birds Apron is elegant as well as completely fresh and practical.


Beautiful kitchen decor always makes cooking more of a pleasure… add a table runner, or placemats and have a look at the NEW Collection HERE


Add a few placemats to your kitchen’s island, or table for a pop of colour can go along way
The Ceres Collection also includes a tablecloth for the more formal occasion find out more about the NEW Collection HERE and add some colour to your kitchen!


Updating your kitchen decor can be done quickly and easily, do it with WAM Home Decor today.

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