How to Create a Stunning Outdoor Entertaining Space

To create a stunning outdoor space that will impress your family and friends, spending a little extra time decorating your outdoor area in the warmer months is essential.

yellow pillows for outdoor entertaining space

Choose a colour or theme for your cushions and accessories. Mix and match.

If you have a blank space to work with and are just starting out choose a theme or colour you want to use and start there. If your outdoor furniture is a neutral colour you are already onto a winner as adding colour and personality to neutral furniture is as easy as adding coloured cushions, throws and chair covers, and maybe some napery to your table.

If you have multiple areas in your outdoor area, not only are you in backyard heaven, you can have a little fun tying the areas together with a common colour or pattern within the chair covers, chair pads and cushions. Keeping the areas a little different in style, but linked with a common colour or pattern will keep the look universal throughout your space, but give keep each area designated to its own space.

Outdoor Printed Cushion Group by WAM

Choose a print or prints you love.

Coordinated Outdoor Cushion Group

Pair your chosen print or feature outdoor cushions with coordinating colours and your set to go! Choose one colour or a few, have fun with it!

Having enough seating, and somewhere to place your food and drink is essential. Comfortable seating is something that will keep your guests happy for hours. Chair pads, or chair cushions, are such an easy way to freshen up outdoor furniture and keep your guests happy! Use them in colours that coordinate with the look you are going for, so many colours available, in a neutral or a bright pop of colour they are a low cost outdoor décor item that can be replaced easily when you want a different look in your outdoor area.

Directors chairs are a popular choice in Aussie backyards, most of us have one or two about the place. These can be arranged together with a small coffee table or around a large table for a more formal setting. To protect your directors chairs, or freshen them up for this season, adding a director chair cover that slips straight on is a great option, and throwing a cushion on for some added colour and comfort is a great option. Director chair covers are easily taken off in bad weather, easily washed and flat to store during the winter months for safe keeping, perfect.

Once you have settled on your colour scheme and taken care of the practical matters, like chair cushions (or chair pads) and director chair covers… the fun part begins.

Outdoor Chair Pad Group

Chair pads or chair cushions come in a huge variety too, so don’t be scared to add a pop of colour here too!

Indoor/outdoor cushions are a great addition to an outdoor space and there are so many combinations available that you will find a colour, print or pattern cushion that suits the look you are trying to achieve.

Keep it simple, or go bold and bright, the options are endless! Head over to WAM Home Decor and create your own look.

WAM Outdoor Cushion Group for entertaining space

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