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Building a home for yourself or your family is all about making your space welcoming and comfortable, but with today’s lifestyle being so busy it’s often all about how you can do this with sourcing your home accessories online, to get the look you love, but in less time.

wam home accessories online - checker pillows

Unlike buying a pair of shoes for yourself or an evening dress that you may be nervous about purchasing online without trying on, homewares and home accessories are one thing you can really have some fun with, without the worry.

Check out the LOOK BOOK or gallery of images, read the Home Decor blog for some inspiration on home accessories and what to use. You will find plenty of ideas on home decorating, and links to the products featured so shopping is easy.

Products featured together for what area you are shopping for is great, head to the LIVING section on the website for home decorating products for your living room. Throw’s and cushions are all there together for you to browse coordinating products and get some inspiration for your home.

Coordinate a look of your own with a few clicks and have it delivered right to your door….the time it takes to redecorate your living room with a few new cushions and throws will be only a few minutes, you will have instant shoppers satisfaction seeing the results of your new makeover.

Products we love for living areas:

CLICK HERE to visit our Living page for cushions you will love.

For bedrooms is all about delicious sheets to sleep in, crisp quilt covers to keep your bedroom looking fresh. There is no need to spend time at the shops for these, spend your time having a quiet coffee and browse online. Bedroom decor can be planned and purchased in minutes.

CLICK through to order your sheets or quilt cover set. Egyptian sheet sets can enhance your bedroom décor, being a luxurious addition to your sleeping environment they look great and will give you the ideal sleep environment. Decorating your bedroom has to be the most important when it comes to combining comfort, and showing off your personal taste. The WAM range of Portuguese embroidered quilt cover sets are the perfect addition to your bedroom décor. In Linen or White your bedroom will gorgeous in the time it takes to make your bed!

Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set Linen White

Egyptian Sheet Set in Linen

Catalina Quilt Cover Set Linen

Catalina Quilt Cover Set in Linen

(Our Egyptian Sheet Sets and Catalina Quilt Covers make a beautiful engagement or wedding gift too!)

Making your bedroom decor really show your style while making it a sanctuary to relax in takes a little visit over to the LIVING section so you can add a cosy throw to your shopping bag or some gorgeous cushions, making your bedroom a gorgeous place to relax. Purchasing your home accessories online can give you more time to enjoy your lifestyle instead of hours at the shops. Delivered right to your home, ready to unpack and see instant results in your bedroom décor.

Some home accessories we love for the bedroom:

Gilly Blossom Cushion Group

Gilly Blossom Cushion

Chevron Throw Duck Egg Blue

Chevron Throw in Duck Egg

home accessories - Herring bone Throw Latte

Herringbone Throw in Latte

Maze Cushion Group

Maze Cushions

Nevada Faux Fur Throw Silver Grey

Nevada Faux Fur Throw in Silver Grey


Home accessories for almost every room in your house are available. One delivery, it’s all taken care of.

Kitchen is taken care of with all the essentials, quality tea towel packs and aprons, while your dining room décor can be updated in a few minutes. Dining room home accessories are all here too, tablecloths, placemats and table runners for the table. There are loads of colours, textures and looks here for your dining room décor! Even updating your dining room setting with dining chair covers can be done quickly and easily, with a large selection of colours those chairs can be given an entirely different look.

Have some fun with home accessories online! It’s really the way to go and you can have so much fun.

Stay updated on our blog for regular hints and tips on home decorating and new products, we bring it all straight to you, saving you time and energy and helping you have a beautiful home at the same time.

We love your feedback on our products, so send it through via facebook or by commenting on our blog, get involved, we love to hear from our WAM followers!

The WAM Team.

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