Home Decorating Quickly and Easily

Decorating your home doesn’t have to be a major renovation, sometimes all it takes is a little clever thinking. Most of the following tips you can do in the time it would take to make yourself a sandwich!

1. Kitchen

Add some new kitchen decor items in coordinating colours, for little cost and a big difference to the look of your kitchen. If your kitchen necessities are out on display where everyone can see them, add some fresh oven gloves and tea towels to your wish list. Just a few simple items can freshen up and change the look of your kitchen in just a few minutes.

Try a new bright colour in your kitchen accessories, or purchase fresh ones in the colour you already love. Check out the range of kitchen decor items HERE.

Baxter 3 Pack Egyptian Cotton Tea Towel Set Black WAM Decor

Baxter Egyptian Cotton Tea Towels 3 Piece Set

Austin 3 Pack Egyptian Cotton Tea Towel Set Blue

Austin Egyptian Cotton Tea Towels 3 Piece Set

Bringing a few items out of hiding can also give your kitchen a little revamp, a few cookbooks on display or a beautiful bowl you only use on special occasions…bring it out of hiding and make everyday a special occasion!

2. Dining Area

We have previously posted about “making the everyday meal and occasion to cherish” (view post here: Table Setting). There are a few more hints and tips on decorating your table there, but the main thing to remember is that you can change the look of your dining area regularly and easily.

Dining chair covers can be added to jazz up a tired dining set in just a few minutes. Available in a range of colours, dining chair covers are a fresh addition to any dining area.

WAM decors Plain Dyed Dining Chair Cover Egret

Dining chair cover, shown here in Egret. To view the range (click here: Dining Chair Covers)

WAM Banten Runner Group

Banten Table Runner

Adding a table runner to your table will instantly add a little colour or texture to your dining room decor. Using a table runner will create a little extra interest to your table, and give any table centrepiece you choose to add something beautiful to sit on.

A centrepiece can make your dinner table instantly more appealing. It could be a vase of flowers or greenery from your garden, a pot plant or just a simple bowl of fruit, all just taking a few minutes to gather from around your home.

Placemats can be placed on top of each other in different sizes or designs to add some of your personality to the table.

Lanai Round Placemat Black WAM Decors

Lanai Round Placemat Shown here in Black

wam home decor marine braided placemats photo

Marine Braided Round Placemats, view the range HERE: Round Placemats

In just a few minutes your dining area can change from a little drab, to an area that your family wants to spend time together in.

Using these same ideas for your outside alfresco area in the warmer months is a great idea too! Instead of dining chair covers, add some outdoor chair pads for a little colour and comfort.

For a few more hints and tips for your outdoor area CLICK HERE.

3. Living Area

Updating your living area can have a great impact on your home decor and is one of the most fun to do! Clear out any old cushions that need to be freshened up, remove any throw rugs that may be a little tired and seen too many snuggles. Then for the fun part…

Choose a colour or theme that you love and add some new cushions and a throw rug. Mix and match colours, textures and sizes to create a more relaxed feel or use similar sizes and colours for a more formal look.

easy home decorating ideas and tips - sofa photo

Rainbow Chevron Leaf Cushion (shown left and right).

Zagged Cushion (shown middle).

Petals Throw

Cushions are easily the quickest way to update a living area and couch and are a necessary addition to most people’s homes. Layer up your couch for a cosy updated look you will love…then relax in your new living area with a good book, you deserve it!

We would love to hear about your quick decorating ideas…let us know what you have done to redecorate your home recently.

The WAM team.

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  1. Who has been giving their home a mini makeover this January? Popular blogs and online chat is telling us here at WAM that it’s the thing to do at this time of the year. Did you add some new tea towels and placemats in the kitchen? New throw or cushions to the couch? Let us know what you’ve been up to at your place this summer. http://www.wamhomedecor.com.au

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